1. Against the wind; Running against the wind/ Bob Seger
2. Breaking silence; Janis Ian
3. Champagne and wine; Ottis Redding/Herman Brood and his wild romance
4. Dream in my dream; ?
5. Go with the flow; 12 practical steps for learning to Go with the flow.
6. Bits of Beauty everywhere; Blue alert/Madelaine Peyroux
7. Ground control; Ground control to Major Tom/ David Bowie
8. Here comes the sun; The Beatles
9. I go the same direction that you do; Beautiful people/ Melanie Safka
10. It got to be perfect; Fairground attraction
11. Jai guru deva om – nothing’s gona change my world;
…..Across the universe/John Lennon/ Paul Mc Cartney
12. Me, myself and I; Joan Armatrading
13. One small step for a man; 21 juli 1969/ Neil Armstrong
14. Over and over again; Tim McGraw
15. Shelter of my mind; Window of my mind/Cuby and the blizzards
16. Should I stay or should I go; The Clash
17. Spring will come again; The sound of music/ I have confidence(Maria)
18. The scent of another; Scent of a woman (movie 1992)
19. There’s no time for us; Who wants to live forever/ Queen
20. You can go your own way; Go your own way/ Fleedwood Mac

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